Keep These Things In Mind Before You Enroll In Online Yoga

If you have decided to take an online yoga teacher training course, you have thought well. You become the best when you teach. Post-Covid, we are living in a world where you can learn everything through virtual mediums. Then why should a yoga course for your health stay behind?  While … Read more

How To Do Cycling Without Pain

Cycling Without Pain

Neck, bottom, hands, knees: many cyclists are familiar with these problem areas. What are the reasons behind this and how to properly sit on the bike? The longer the tour, the more uncomfortable it becomes: the bottom hurts, the neck becomes stiff, the fingers tingle. The body vehemently reports to … Read more

Face Yoga Instructions for Symmetrical Face

Face Yoga Instructions

An asymmetric face is sometimes the result of individual genetics. Still, if there is a problem with the cheeks and jaw, there are several different methods to improve facial Symmetry, each of which is another method. An equally important skincare routine is that if you don’t take care of it, … Read more

16 Healthy Benefits Of Doing Yoga For Kids

Yoga has become the most famous form of exercise throughout the world. A 100-year-old person to a 3 old child is practicing yoga across the world. Yoga has many benefits to people of all age groups, and particularly the benefits of yoga for children are uncountable. Hence many schools are … Read more

Is it necessary to discuss yoga poses for kids now?

Pandemic lockdown is a stressful time. The line between personal and professional life is mixed together. Kids walk in during a team meeting. The sound of Curry leaves splattering in the background. These are becoming the new norms of our work life. Home is our comfortable place. We come home … Read more

Rejuvenate Your Beauty With Natural Remedies At Home

We, humans, are beauty lovers, and it is our natural behavior to keep ourselves, presentable. We are not only trying to maintain our beauty now, but it has been going on for many thousands of years by different ways to keep ourselves elegant, and our history is filled with many … Read more