Perspectives Towards Breast Implants: Yesterday & Today

Many people are not aware that breast implants have been around for more than one hundred years. Sure, they are very different from today, but that still speaks volumes about the female breast’s entire process. The idea was, in the beginning, to make the women larger in the bust area.

Women with a large bust were usually thought of in higher regard from a sexual perspective, much the way they are in this day and age. But the difference between implants from previous times and today is that it is much safer today to get a breast implant than getting them a couple of decades ago.

Many myths were running around the world about women with large breasts, which set the stage for how the medical community would consider the entire process. The spread of myths was much more rapid than the distance of accurate and authentic information. Of course, there was little that could be done.

The world’s doctors responded in proper form, attempting to form new breast enlargement methods to give the women a much better self-image and increase their sex appeal. This was still very rare in the period because women were still not given the civil rights they thought they should have. Of course, nothing has changed all that much. The medical world is continually trying to improve breast implant methods, and it became possible due to scientific advancements and research.

The Women Of The Modern World

There is the idea that women are much stronger and far more independent than they were one hundred years ago, and they are also willing to discuss their sexual feelings more often than not. This is a new age, and people find out that the women at this age are different. They want more, and they are willing to make it happen no matter what the cost. But despite all this, even today, women have to face scrutiny about their breast size.

Because of societal judgment, external pressure, many women suffer psychological trauma and face anxiety issues about their breasts. To prevent this and spread the message that all women deserve respect and have a right to live with dignity despite the difference in their physical appearances, several institutions are continually working.

Today, women are much more about their physical well-being than they were a couple of decades ago. Today, women express their insecurities freely without any shade of shyness, feeling much more confident about their bodies.

The Chronicles Of Breast Implants

The early breast enlargement procedures were hazardous. They would use tissue from the body to further enlarge the breasts through a complicated surgical procedure. This would take literally hours to accomplish, and the results were anything but good.

The results usually resulted in the woman dying from infection because of the low operating techniques. In this case, the person should understand that breast enlargement has come a long way from those early days. Parts of oxen were even used well into the nineteen hundreds as a filler to make larger breasts.

Most of these surgeries were being performed over in Europe, but the United States started to catch on and finally started many places where one could have their breasts enlarged.

In today’s day and age, breast enlargement procedures involve sacks full of silicone liquid or saline liquid sewn into the tissue under the skin of the breast. These sacks come in a wide variety of sizes and can be put into just about anyone. Using this kind of method, the doctors have found a way to give women the size of breasts that they desire. Usually, patients are asked to choose the size of the implant. This implant is a kind of surgery, so it comes with certain risks.

In the USA, the FDA has decided the legal age to get implants. As breasts continue to grow until 20 years of age, young girls cannot get implants. The legal age to get a Breast implant is 18 years. While the legal age to get silicone-based implants is 22 years. Each country has its own set of rules for getting a breast implant. Such implants’ cost sticks around from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars, varying because of locality, availability, brand, size, material, and other factors.

Risks Associated With Breast Implants

However, there is still a lot of danger. If the sack ruptures, then the silicone or saline can leak and cause a severe body infection. As silicone is a gel, the chances of its leakage are not that observable. That’s why silicone leaks are often known as silent leaks. There are several symptoms of knowing that there is a leakage in the implant, such as decreased breast size, hard knots, an uneven appearance of the breasts, pain or tenderness, tingling, swelling, numbness, burning, changes in sensation, etc.

If a woman feels any of the above-given symptoms, she should immediately contact her doctor. If anything like this happens, the implant needs to be removed. In some cases, a new implant replaces the old one, while in some cases, a new implant is not used; instead, the breasts are uplifted.

There have been cases where the sack stayed intact until thirty years following the procedure. The age of such implants is anything between less than 10 to more than 20 years. But this is not true in almost every case. In some cases, the implants don’t even last for a couple of years. While in some cases, they last more than 20-25 years. There are also cases where breast implants are used to remove the breast, severe congenital disabilities, and even male to female sex changes.

Bottom Line

From using fake breast pads to using actual breast implants, the times have indeed changed. In the past, breast implants were mostly considered because women with bigger breasts were regarded as the higher class, but today the story has changed. Today any woman in almost any part of the world can get an implant if she wants to.

The changing psychological perspective of society towards women and the medical world’s relentless efforts to reduce the risks associated with breast implants has undoubtedly made women’s lives easy and joyful. Breast implants are nothing a woman should be ashamed of, just like any other kind of surgery; this is also a surgery in which the end goal is to resolve the patient’s problems.

There is undoubtedly one thing that is bothering women: the roof-touching costs of such implants. Many organizations are working towards providing much more affordable implants so that no woman who wishes to get an implant steps back because of lack of finances.

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