How To Quickly Lose The Thigh Fat With Proper Planning

Not everyone can have the same kind of body. It happens because everybody’s gene code is different and unique. Some people have accumulations of fat on the abdomen, the others have a higher weight on the thighs, and some have both.

Similarly, there are different body shapes for women and men based on fat distribution, which depends on the body’s hormones and pre-existing body mass. So technically, targeting to lose weight on the thighs, in particular, is rather difficult as the body sheds fat all over.

Still, some exercises and diet plans target weight thigh well, yet it is crucial to pinpoint which particular exercises are suitable for a swift to lose weight on the thighs and which ones take longer time.

Is it possible to lose weight on the thighs quickly?

Let’s face it; lose weight on the thighs is not an easy task, and losing weight in a week! Well, that is a huge thing. Many factors are to be taken into account for the success of a proper thigh weight loss. Moreover, with a standard diet, about a pound of thighs weight is lost in a week, but 10 pounds can be lost in one week with adequate planning.

The question now remains, can these 10 pounds be focused on the thighs. The answer is that not all of it but some of it can be. Almost 5 out of the 10 pounds can be lost from the thighs.

What foods make your thighs fat?

Having fat thighs is not by choice as much as it is by genetic predisposition. This is why some people with a chubby body may not have equal weight thighs; similarly, thinner people may have thick thighs. Generally, women have higher thigh fat. Because of the biological aspect of pregnancy, women’s pelvic region must be broader and thighs thicker. Out of the multiple factors that influence thigh fat, food is the most significant factor.

The lack of exercise is the next factor, but it isn’t as substantial as food. This is because 80% of our weight loss, or the lack thereof, depends on the food we consume. But some foods are more fattening for the weight thighs than others.

Fattening Food Items For Weight Thighs

The below-mentioned food items are unhealthy for the weight thighs. They have been known to increase thigh fat by an essential factor.

Packaged and processed food

The food items such as potato chips, chocolates, biscuits, and other munchies contain saturated fats. These fats contain approximately nine calories in 1 gram of it. This is a considerable number. In about 100 grams, 536 calories are present, which is very high. Regularly eating processed food can put on pounds not only on the thighs but all over the body.

Junk Food

Burgers, pizzas, rich-chocolate desserts, and many other sinfully tasty items are available in the market at a rather reasonable price. There is no reason not to buy them other than the obvious reason that they make you fat. Most of these items are deep-fried in unhealthy oils and harm the body in more than one way. Chubby thighs are a direct result of eating too much junk food.

Sugary beverages

Processed juices, thick shakes, soda, cocktails, and sweetened creamed coffee all of these are quite unhealthy for the body. They are brimming with calories and aren’t even accounted for in the main meal. The consumption of such beverages must be kept at a bare minimum.

Healthy but high-calorie food

A food item being healthy doesn’t imply that it can be eaten without any restrictions. There are some veggies, even fruits, which are rather high in calories. More calories mean the body has to be exerted more, and if not, the weight is gained. Avocado, potato, dry fruits, and nuts are the best examples of healthy yet high-calorie food items.

The best exercises for losing weight on the thigh

The key to losing thigh fat lies in thigh fat workouts. Several exercises can be classified as thigh fat loss exercises. The effectiveness of weight loss via dieting is laid specifically upon thighs with the help of these workouts. People spend their precious money on gym memberships for this, but we will tell you how to get shorts ready thighs at home by doing these exercises at home.

The following are foolproof workouts that help to lose weight on the thighs.

Do a lot of cycling

Cycling is great for weight thighs. The stress is laid on the quadriceps and glutes. Cycling daily for about 30-40 minutes can facilitate the toning of the legs, with which one can reduce thigh fat.

Go up and down the stairs

This is simple and self-explanatory; all you have to do is take as many trips as possible on the staircase. When done for 30-40 minutes, this exercise sheds many calories while toning the thigh muscles.

Seated Exercises

Out of all the thigh fat burning exercises, seated workouts such as seated hand push, seated leg raise, and seated bridge are some of the exercises that target thigh fat well.

Do squats

Squats are easy and straightforward. There are three types of squats, each targeting different muscles of the thighs and legs. The most effective type includes a 90-degree angle between the bent legs and the back; the legs must be spaced moderately apart.


Running can be perfect cardio, but it is also a great workout for the leg fat. It can be termed as the best workout for burning thigh fat. Running daily for even 30 minutes can be a great way of losing thigh fat.

Do Lunges

Lunges are made in 50- twice or thrice sets and can exhibit exceptional weight loss from thighs. Just like the aforementioned exercises, this doesn’t require a gym or any fancy equipment.

Do Cardio

Cardio workouts can maximize the results of the aforementioned exercises and diet specifications. 30 minutes of cardio done in regularity is great for the body. It is not a thigh fat workout, but when paired with those, it is beneficial.

Drink at least 3-4 litres of water daily

Staying hydrated flushes out the unwanted toxins from the body and helps you lose weight on the thigh while enhancing the diet and workout’s effectiveness.

Lose weight on the thighs with the right diet

Targeting a specific body part for weight loss can be annoying because it is super difficult. The predisposition of weight loss is that it is lost for the whole body simultaneously when lost. Focusing more pounds on a particular region, such as losing weight on the thighs, is rather troublesome. Yet eating right and working out properly can help you achieve things unimaginable. But hitting the gym daily and following a fancy diet given by the dietician can be a handful. So here are the tricks to lose weight on the thighs at home easily.

What to eat to lose weight on the thighs?

There are two parts to this process that need to be considered properly for thighs weight loss. The first and foremost is the diet. The diet plays a major role in losing weight on the thighs. To reduce thigh fat, about 80% benefit comes from the diet. Here are what you must eat and the rules you must follow to lose weight on the thighs.

Low-calorie veggies

Broccoli, cabbage, beetroot, lettuce, zucchini, radish, and mushrooms, etc., constitute but a few of many vegetables that are low in calories. With regular consumption of these, thigh fat can be lost within a short time. The weight loss of thigh fat is quite apparent.

Low-calorie fruits

Various fruits, such as watermelon, apple, lemon, grapefruit, tomato, etc., have low calories. Many major fruits low in calories are rich sources of essential vitamins and minerals. They also contain roughage, which consequently helps in thighs weight loss even further.

Low-calorie smoothies

Vegetable smoothies and fruit smoothies are a mixture of vegetables ground into a smoothie or fruits ground into a smoothie. These are super healthy. Drinking one smoothie a day, preferably in the morning, is excellent for thigh fat loss.


Be it chicken soup or veggie soup, and soups are tasty and healthy. They also have meagre calories. Make sure you get your fill of healthy soup once a day.


Eggs are a great source of protein; they are also low in calories. An egg-based breakfast, like omelets, hard-boiled eggs, or scrambled eggs, is good for starting the day with low calories and getting rid of thigh fat.

Keep yourself hydrated

Staying hydrated is rather crucial because 70% of the body is composed of water. Enough water in the body speeds up the body’s metabolism. One can work out for hours with a heightened metabolism. Don’t forget water has 0 calories, so you can drink as much as you want without any worry. The optimum amount is that of 3-4 litres in a day. This quantity cap must not be exceeded.

Restrict calorie intake

The number of calories consumed each day must be calculated with the BMR’s help (Basal Metabolic Rate) Calculator. This accounts for the calories lost every day by a particular person based on their age, gender, height, and body weight. The calories consumed must not exceed the BMR to create a calorie deficit when paired with the workout.

Don’t eat too much salt

Salt, in excess, is harmful to the body as it causes bloating. The water retention property of the body increases as a result of high salt intake. The extra water shows up on the scale as extra weight on the thighs and makes one look chubbier. The healthy quantity of 1500 milligrams of sodium present in the salt is enough for one day.

Don’t eat processed food or saturated fats

Most packaged food items contain saturated fats. These fats are extremely harmful to the body. In addition to it, most processed food items have trans-fats. These are said to be the worst type of fats one can consume. A complete boycott of processed food is necessary to lose weight on the thighs quickly.

Lower the carb-intake

Low carbohydrate intake places the body under ketosis, and fats can be shed through that method. Alternatively, a diet low in carbs is always preferable as it helps to lose weight on the thighs fast in a week and can create a calorie deficit.

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