Rejuvenate Your Beauty With Natural Remedies At Home

We, humans, are beauty lovers, and it is our natural behavior to keep ourselves, presentable. We are not only trying to maintain our beauty now, but it has been going on for many thousands of years by different ways to keep ourselves elegant, and our history is filled with many different proves.

We all must remember that nowadays people make themselves beautiful by using many different chemically prepared substances. Due to the side effects of the chemicals, it may lead to different skin disease or even cancer. Although to keep ourselves beautiful with natural products is scientifically and medically beneficial.

We used to be dependent on trees and shrubs for beauty care in the early days. With the use of natural by-products for beauty care, we not only became beautiful, but it also helped in fighting many diseases, and it also better economically for its less cost. For this reason, with the use of natural by-products, we should try not only try to keep ourselves good-looking but also keeps us free from diseases.

Now we shall briefly discuss the main question that, how you can maintain the beautification of your and other family members of your house freely or in fewer costs in with the natural by-products found in your campus or garden or lawn by staying at home.

The first and foremost step of beauty care is to have a disease-free body. As you can see, many people invest in themselves to look beautiful from the outside, but our beauty is linked with our health, if you are healthy, your skin will automatically replicate its beauty.

You must be free from diseases, and it is your primary duty to keep every part of your body in shape and active. ‘A healthy body is a home for a healthy mind’. If you are physically and psychologically fit only then, you can be healthy.

If your mind and body are not fit no matter whatever you try, you can’t attain natural beauty. For this reason, to achieve a charming body, you should try to find the solutions on how can you keep your mind and free from diseases and put more attention on this matter deliberately.

Beautification With Fruits:

The fruits that are easily available in your locality filled with nutrition are far better than the fruits that are available in the market for your skin. The natural by-products that are attained from fruits are not only available freely in your locality but also of low cost and don’t have any side effects.

For example, cucumber, amla, etc., we shall now discuss how you can produce some of the fruits in your garden that are economical.


The juices of grapefruit are very much fruitful for your face skin; if you use its juices in your skin, it makes your skin bright and soft. It also clears your skin and consuming it clears your stomach too. It also ends the bitter feeling of your mouth. Its juices also clean the dark color of your knees and ankles. If you mix its juices in water and use it on your hairs, it makes your hairs shiny.

Custard Apple

If you wash your hair with the juices of the leaves of custard apple it kills the head louse, or you can wash your hairs with powder of the ground dried seeds. It also removes dandruff from your hair. You can also mix gram flour with dried seeds of custard apple and wash your hairs to make them shiny. Eating ripe custard apple makes your skin nutritious.


Cucumber is very useful in clearing the skin burns from the sun by applying the fluid for 10 minutes. If you use slices of cucumbers or some fluids and put it in your eyelids, it helps in increasing your eyesight.


Ripe papaya is perfect for skins, if you smash papaya and apply it to your skin as a lotion it cleans the skin and makes them glow, and wash them after 5 minutes with cold water. Ripe papaya makes the skin soft.

Orange and Ugli Fruit

You should peel the skin of an orange and dry them. After some days grind them with honey, by applying the mixture to your skin, your skin starts glowing like an orange. It would be best if you daily drank the juice of Uglifruit as it makes the body skin soft, and it also clears the pimples.


Mix two teaspoons of tomato juice with an equal amount of cream and apply them to your skin. This mixture removes the spores from your body. After keeping it for nearly 10 minutes, wash it with warm water.

Amla(Indian Gooseberry)

Prepare a mixture by adding four teaspoons of amla juices with two tablespoons of honey and apply it to your skin regularly once a week to make your skin smooth and glowy. Amla also helps in fighting many different diseases.

  • By adding an equal amount of raw amla fluids with juices of jetty leaves, chebulic myrobalan, leaves and false daisy leaves prepare a mixture and apply it on your hairs ½ hour before bathing and dry it, wash your hairs with cold water after keeping it for 1 hour, it will make your hairs black.
  • If you eat the curry prepared with the leaves of false daisy, it starts to make your white hairs grow black from its roots. If you eat amla and honey together, it maintains the flexibility of your skin and also keeps your sexual hormones active.

Elephant Apple

If you wash your hairs with the seed of elephant apple, it makes the roots of your hairs strong, makes your hairs shine, and removes the dry scale on your head.


Use the squeezed flesh of ripe mango and apply it to your skin for 15 minutes and wash it with water; it will make your skin beautiful.

  • Remove the skin of raw mango, and cut it into small pieces, now boil the mangoes in ½ Lt. water for some time, cool the solution, and extract the mangoes from it.
  • Mix a little amount of salt and sugar, and drink it for nearly 12-14 days with a gap of one day in between, this helps in treating sunstroke. It also makes your skin fair. Raw mango is also good in healing the cracked skin in toes, or hands.


Dry 10-15 seeds of neem, prepare a powdered mixture in a vessel and pour 150 ml of liquid of false daisy leaves and store it for 3 days and apply it for 10 minutes in your hairs, wash your hairs with cold water. Try to do this twice a month to keep stop your hairs from getting white at a young age.

Wood Apple

Remove the seed of a ripe wood apple and mix the flesh with 150 ml of milk, to make your skin glow. Prepare a solution with the flesh of wood apple with an equal amount of fluids of wood apple leaves and apply it on your skin before bathing to remove the odor of your body. Ripe wood apple gives energy to your body and clears your toilet. Ripe wood apple is good for loose motion problem.

Java Palms

Folic acid is found in the skin of java plum; this folic acid increases the lifespan of ours and maintains sexual energy in old age. For diseases like loose motion, Irritable Bowel Syndrome(IBS), diabetes, and blood inferiority java plum are very beneficial.
Watermelon: If you eat 100 gm of watermelon with 2 days gap after your meal, it increases the hemoglobin present in your body and makes your skin shiny. If you wash your face and body with the fluids watermelon, it brightens your skin.

Black Pepper

Mix half a teaspoon of black pepper powder with honey, and eat it three times after your meal, it will make your voice sweeter and helps you decreasing your fats.
Apple: In one cup of curd mix the juices of one apple and apply it on your skin to make it spongy. If you mix 5 drops of lemon in ½ cup of apple juice and apply it on your skin for 5 minutes, wash it after 20 minutes with warm water, your skin will be delicate looking.


By squeezing the flowers of pomegranate and extracting 10 teaspoons of its juices with an equal amount of honey and mix it properly to apply in the breast of women, it keeps the breast from down and makes it look ravishing.

Chebulic Myrobalan (Silikha)

If you grind the skin of chebulic myrobalan and keep it dipped in one cup of water for a whole night, and wash your eyes with the water the next day, it will increase your eyesight.

Musa balbisiana Colla (Bhimkol)

After removing the seeds of this banana, and stir the flesh in one cup of milk. Apply this to your skin to make your skin smooth and glorious.
Raw Coconut: if you wash your face and skin with coconut water, it removes the spots from your skin.

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