The Best Morning Tea- Say Hello to Your Refreshes

When it’s about morning beverages, I always prefer tea over anything else. I mean, you got plenty of choices, you can pick caffeinated or non-caffeinated, and you’ve something for any mood, any day, and any condition!

Moreover, it takes probably 3-4 minutes to prepare everything and sip your way to heaven. But some of us still have to explore a lot. And yes, to get the perfect zing, you’ll have to go the extra mile to find the best morning tea!

But don’t worry; I am here to help you with that mission. As a tea enthusiast, I know what will give you a boost for the day. So follow my trail to get all the exciting deets!

Types of Teas to Drink in the Morning – All You Need to Know

I already revealed that you have tons of choices when you switch to the valley of teas! So if you feel a little overwhelmed in the beginning, I won’t be surprised at all! All you can do now is get a cup of chamomile tea to calm your nerves and finish reading this article.

And then you can go for shopping to buy a bunch of flavors; I won’t mind! Before we start our discussion, I want to tell you about the three primary choices you have in front of you.

The options are:

Caffeinated Teas

Caffeinated Teas with Milk

Non-caffeinated/Herbal Teas

Now, let’s talk about the flavors and options of each genre so you can make the perfect decision. And you can thank me later!

Caffeinated Teas to Drink in the Morning – Get a Healthy Boost

When we are talking about caffeinated teas, there are plenty of classic options we have. And if you are thinking about quitting coffee, you can start with these beverages for a better experience.

The caffeinated choices we have are-

  • Green Tea
  • Oolong Tea
  • Black Tea
  • Earl Grey
  • Kombucha
  • Matcha Tea

Green Tea

Even if you are not a tea person, you already know about green tea. Well, it is an excellent beverage as it comes with the least amount of caffeine and gives you a kick start for the day.

And we can’t talk about the benefits of this drink all day long without a tea break!
It is famous for promoting alertness and attention, which is necessary when having a long day. Additionally, it tends to burn fat, which makes it more valuable than it already is.

However, it would be best if you didn’t take it on an empty stomach because it isn’t a light beverage at all. Would you mind taking it after having breakfast to get the best of it?

Oolong Tea

It is another classic tea that everyone can have once in a while. And the oolong also doesn’t shot you with a heavy dose of caffeine, which is good news!

In addition, to make you feel energetic, it also improves your immune system, promotes weight loss, and helps you stay calm throughout the day. And this beverage is also an outstanding substitute for green tea; hence, you can always try it for a change.

Black Tea

I prefer black tea in the morning when I plan to conquer the world! Well, it’s strong enough but not overpowering so that I can rely on this one for a balanced day!

If you were addicted to coffee, this tea is the best choice to make a change in your life. It comes bearing all the benefits of a cup of java and minus the disadvantage. And trust me, that’s pretty admirable!

Additionally, black tea is a brilliant option for summer days as it can sweat evaporation. Therefore, for a relaxing experience, you can use a nip of this drink.
However, it would help if you remembered that this tea is loaded with caffeine than any other option. Hence, be cautious when you are sipping all the deliciousness!

Earl Grey

Whenever I think about the earl grey, it reminds me of my aunt’s house. Every time I visited her for holidays, she made a cup of Earl Grey and served it to me. And to be honest, that’s how I fell in love with teas!

Though this beverage seems like a classic tea, some additional benefits make it different. This drink is infused with Bergamot oil to ensure a healthy immune system and give you proper morning push!

It also helps you to cope with digestion problems and morning chills. Hence, when you plan to get the most beneficial tea, you can pick this option for the most fantastic tea party!


This tea will keep you loaded with energy without the drawbacks of caffeine. And that’s a pretty sweet deal.

It has the least amount of caffeine but has more significant benefits than most other options. This drink will make you feel relaxed, and it is an excellent option for those who have a flawed digestion system.

On top of everything, it tastes sweet without any additives. And that’s a remarkable way to stop sugar craving, trust me!

Matcha Tea

Come on, who doesn’t know about the extraordinary effects of a delicious cup of Matcha tea in the morning! This beverage will have the most amount of caffeine after black tea. And that’s music to any former coffee lover’s ear!

As Matcha comes in powder form, you will have a strong cup of drink; there is no doubt about it. Hence, while brewing it, keep your eyes on the pot. Moreover, take your time to discover the amount that works perfectly for you. But that journey can be a bit bitter, let me warn you!

This cup of goodness helps you to enter zen mode, works on reducing mental stress, keeps your immune system running with the highest power. And it also burns fat faster than any other tea, which makes this beverage more popular than any other option!

Caffeinated Teas with Milk to Drink in the Morning – Something Out of the Box

If the other drinks are not that fulfilling for you, try caffeinated teas with milk. It will be solid and creamy, just like a cup of coffee, but you won’t have to go through the shortcomings!

Here are two options that you can try to get a kick start in the morning!

  • English breakfast tea
  • Masala Chai Tea

English Breakfast Tea

This tea is a potent one; let me warn you before we get started!
It is typically a blend of different tea leaves, which makes it exceptionally strong. The combination depends on various brands, but this drink can be taken without any problem.

As the milk will work to make the thing creamier, the zingy tea flavor will be balanced out in the end. Moreover, you can control the strength by increasing the amount of milk so you won’t have any caffeine issues at all!

This drink will keep you energetic and will help you to relax throughout the day. However, the making process is tricky, so beginners will fail to whip up the perfect cup a few times!

Masala Chai

Well, masala chai is your traditional black tea but infused with different types of herbs such as ginger, lemongrass, nutmeg, cinnamon, and cardamom. And it is a wholesome experience, to be honest!

Besides the caffeine shot, there is an explosion of so many different flavors which feels like a party on your taste bud! This drink doesn’t only keep you juiced up but also improves your health condition, thanks to the herbs!

It reduces blood sugar, boosts your heart rate, and makes your immune system healthier. What else do we need?

Caffeine-free Teas to Drink in the Morning – The Herbal Teas

Herbal options are more popular and well-appreciated than caffeinated ones. They have tons of health benefits and also give you a kick start for the day. And that’s more than we can ask!

So here are some caffeine-free or herbal choices for you. You can make them in the morning or night, depending on your mood and need. Let’s see what options we do have here.

  • Ginger Tea
  • Peppermint Tea
  • Lemon Tea
  • Chamomile Tea
  • Rooibos Tea

Ginger Tea

The paybacks of ginger tea are endless! From a robust immune system to make you calm, it can do anything!

If you have trouble with an upset stomach or pregnancy-induced morning sickness, this tea will be your best buddy. Moreover, a cup of ginger tea will embrace you with warmth in the chilly mornings. So this herbal tea is on my list; that’s not shocking at all!

Peppermint Tea

This tea doesn’t contain any caffeine, but the minty flavor will wake you up! It will elevate your mood and make you feel refreshing, and that’s what you need when you have a long day to spend.

Additionally, it helps you get rid of colds and coughs, so there will be fewer sick leaves and more productiveness in your life. And that’s one of our topmost priorities.

Lemon Tea

Some say lemon teas are for winters, but I choose to disagree with that statement! You can enjoy a cup of delicious lemon tea in the morning or night; it will make you feel alive no matter what!

On top of everything, this drink will pull out all the toxins from your body. Thus, when you live a busy life, you can start your mornings with a cup of lemon tea to stay healthy effortlessly.

Chamomile Tea

They say take chamomile tea to reduce the stress for a better slip. But I say, drink it anytime to keep your nerves calm, even in the mornings!

If you have planned a hectic day, drinking a cup of chamomile to tea in the morning will keep you relaxed all day. Besides helping with insomnia, it also reduces the chances of migraine attacks. So for the all the migraine patients like me, it is a miracle drink, to be honest.

This beverage also helps you to cope with premenstrual syndrome. Hence, for incredible gains like this, drinking this tea to start your day sounds like a best-seller to me!

Rooibos Tea

This tea is something that should be in everyone’s pantry but isn’t there. Well, after learning its outcomes, you will purchase this right away!

It promotes bone health, improves heart conditions, and boosts your antioxidants level. Besides, this drink will keep you hydrated all day long. Therefore, having this tea in the morning will be the most incredible idea you will ever have, mark my words!

Drinking Tea in the Morning – How Do I do It?

When you are just switching to tea or don’t have much experience with this drink, you can feel a little confused. You don’t have to feel lost because I am right here.
So here are some tea-drinking advises for you that will make your mornings more delightful than ever!

Explore the Flavors

You don’t have to take the same tea every day! You can keep switching between flavors depending on your mood and cravings. That’s the beauty of adding a little tea to your life!

Take More than One Cup

If you have a hard time leaving coffee, you can take two cups of tea two calm your nerves. Don’t worry; it won’t make you go crazy as teas are milder than java; there is no doubt about that.

And in the beginning, you can start with a potent blend such as MatchaMatcha or black tea to stop the caffeine craving; there’s nothing wrong with that!

Read the Labels

Yes, before making your tea, you need to read the instructions carefully. Some teas can be taken before a meal, others you cannot drink on an empty stomach. Hence, keep that in mind before sipping!

The Bottom Line

The quest to discover the best morning tea is a hectic one. You need to taste loads of flavor, strength, and blends to get your perfect match. But yes, the end of the journey is worthy of all the troubles. But after reading this piece, I think you won’t have to struggle that much.




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